Tables are the epitome of form and function.   Here at the studio I like to add art to the form while still maintaining all the function.  From unique leg profiles to using inlay and decorative veneers, my designs will peak your interests. As with all my pieces the wood itself provides the medium to allow full expression of the design. I like to approach the construction of each table knowing that they will last many generations.  I try and stay away from trends and build pieces that will appeal to many while not becoming dated or “out of style”

Interestingly, tables are the 1st category in which I will bring up cost and value as selling points.  Custom work will always be thought of as expensive, and artistic furniture has a reputation for being very pricey indeed. However, after visiting some of the “higher” end furniture stores and looking at the quality and price of their pieces, I can say that a custom piece from me will not only be constructed better, but will also come in at a lower cost to you.

For example, the Modern Shaker Table pictured below starts at $600.  This is a artistic piece built out of solid wood, individually shaped and signed.  The idea that I would like to convey is that handmade furniture is value oriented. You may find furniture for less, but when you factor in the time frame a piece will last, you’re going to find that a handmade piece has a useful life  that will far outlast the cheaper alternative.

The Modern Shaker Table

This table is one of the most personally pleasing designs I build. The curves and the overall form have a very organic human form that just feels “right”.  Most commonly built with cherry, walnut, or mahogany the form will translate well even with more exotic type woods.  It has both Shaker and Danish modern influences. Quite simply put you will love this table.  Custom dimensions are available.


The walnut Table above is available at the studio for :  $ 550

call me at 704-909-9049  or email :

The Walnut Serpentine Front Hall Table

This is the table that started my Modern Federal series.  Utilizing traditional Federal style banding, inlay and veneers I am looking to make contemporary furniture with a classic feel and value. These are Modern Classics. In the piece below I’ve used aspen and ebony stringing as well as “home harvested” spalted maple for the decorative boxes and oval,  the table itself is Black Walnut. Look forward to the continuation of this series in 2013 as the reception upon release of the first 2 concepts has been very positive. This table was featured in the 2012  printed calendar.


Sold! Create your own today, contact me for a custom order

Lyptus Demilune Table


This is the second table in the Modern Federal series. In this piece I was experimenting with the use of bold curves on the top to give the table a truly contemporary feel. The curves on the top flow freely to the apron in a very cohesive yet abstract fashion. The legs then mirror very classic Federal styling with black stringing, black slippered feet, and a classic black white black cuff banding. The decorative boxes experiment with the use of acrylic and automotive paint. Look for more curve designs in 2012 as this is going to become a Shamrock Wood Studio signature design series.


Now available at the Grovewood Gallery :  $ 2175

call Karen at 1-877-622-7238    or email:

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