Woodworking is a journey, along the way I experiment with ideas and build pieces that I enjoy but have decided not to build again or to sell.  Many of the pieces represented here are one offs built without plans, and some are class projects built while learning the craft.  Some find a useful life in my own house and some gather dust waiting for someone to notice them so they can find a new home. I hope that by presenting you with a little history of my portfolio you will gain a little idea of life here at the studio.

The Veneered desk

A simple project build for my wife. This was my 1st attempt at shaping the federal style leg,  as well as my 1st attempt at using sheet veneer.  The base is made from quatersawn red oak and the top is Sapele veneer.

The Boggs Chair

This is a classic  Boggs side chair I built while taking a Greenwood Chair class with Brian Boggs at Kelly Mehlers School of Woodworking. This chair finds daily use in our home and is one of the best thought out chair designs I’ve come across.

The Roubo Workbench

Built for studio in 2008 this has been one of the most used additions to the shop yet.  I experimented with wood carving a little on the vise face

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