Sculpted Rocking Chairs

Rockers are my passion. They are what drew me into woodworking and what continues to fuel my interest in the craft. I find that with every new rocker I discover new ways to explore the beauty that wood has to offer. All of my chairs are both functional as well as artistic.  The wood selection and shaping of each chair is customer specific, and each chair is a one-of-a-kind signed original.  Chairs can be customized for a personal fit, or can be ordered in standard small, medium, and large sizes. The  chairs are  extremely comfortable and truly function as working art.

I carry a small inventory of  “studio” rockers to help clients to determine their fitment preferences and these rockers are always available for sale.  If you would be interested in a rocker please contact me and we can discuss all of the available options. If you would like to visit the studio to sample the chairs we can always set up an appointment.  Pricing is chair specific,  with basic small, medium, and large rockers starting at $3000. Following is a sample of some of my previous chairs.

The Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) Rocker

This chair is a basic medium rocker with upgraded veneered back-splats. The primary wood for the rocker is Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) while the back-splats are quartersawn curly red oak.  This chair is currently a “studio” rocker seeing daily use.  This design offers a more relaxed rocking position perfect for relaxing by the fire or napping on a relaxed Sunday afternoon.


The ultimate in comfort, sophistication, and craftsmanship.  Each of my rockers are custom made and one of a kind.  The wood is specially selected for each piece adding to the overall value and appeal.

The rockers are available in 3 basic sizes: small, medium, and large.  Prices vary by wood species selection and availability, as well as finish applied.  A typical rocker similar to the one shown above is available staring at $3,000.

The Sapele Maloof-inspired Rocker

If your familiar with sculpted rockers, then you know the name Sam Maloof. One of the originators of this style, his rockers for years have been coveted and sought after as collectible art. This chair was my 1st foray into rocker building. It was completed while taking a “Build a Maloof inspired rocker” class at JSR Woodworking.  The design and fitment of this chair are specific to me, and the chair features custom seat depth, individually contoured solid wood backsplats, and custom arm rest heights as well as design. The sculpting of this chair shows some influence from the Maloof style while also demonstrating some of my unique interpretations. This chair design is a more upright design perfect for reading a book, watching TV, or carrying on a conversation with friends. It has a more formal feel and would be perfect in a study or library.


The ultimate in comfort, sophistication, and craftsmanship.  Each of these style of rockers is custom built for the individual characteristics of each client.  Personal measurements are taken during the initial consultation and then design criteria and wood selection are determined.  These chairs fit like a finely tailored suit.  Because of the customization of these chairs, the build times and prices reflect the added effort. Typically a chair similar to the one above will take ~3 months to build and prices would start at $4000.

The New Rocker Pad

Lets face it-not all of our floors are flat. In my house the 60 year old red oak floors are like rocking over railroad tracks. To help smooth out this rough ride, I’ve come up with a novel new concept-the Rocker Pad.  Just set the rocker on top and a smooth rock is just a push away. Specific pads can be created to match any rocker either during or after rocker construction. The pads feature industrial felt bottoms to help protect your floors underneath.


Prices start at $300 and construction and delivery take 2-3 weeks.


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