The Key Cabinet is Done, off to Brooklyn for the summer!

Well folks, I’ve been busy these past 10 days. I rented bench space at the school a few days each week over the past two weeks and finished up the key cabinet. With this completed, I have finished all of the required North Bennet Street projects. (almost got them all done in 2 semesters)  Without further adieu, here’s it is :

You can see in this picture how the light illuminates the blue panel when the cabinet is open. This is the reverse of most nightlights that turn on when it gets dark. This LED light senses light when the door opens and turns on! It’s from a company called Eccentric Electronics and it’s called the AutosensLED.

Now it’s time to pack up and head down to Brooklyn for my summer apprenticeship with John Fischer. I’ll post some pics along the way!

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