North Bennet St. Week 1- Drafting and more drafting…..

It’s here, I made it! Returning to school is a bit different later in life, but that same excitement/dread that you experience when you’re younger still happens. I packed up my backpack and my PB&J bag lunch, hopped on my bike and headed out to the North End of Boston for my first day.

It was pretty typical, a school orientation where faculty and staff were introduced, a tour of the Cabinetry and Furniture making facility, and a quick introduction to our instructors. The head of the department is Dan Faia, then we’ve got Steve Brown, Lance Patterson and part time instructor Alex Krutsky. I also got to meet the other 14 students enrolled in the program this fall. The second day involved a bench lottery where we picked our home for the next 5 months and an introduction to the syllabus outlining the program and our projects. For the first week, our main goal was getting familiar with drafting by starting to draw 20 woodworking joints. Here I am busy at my bench, drafting board smokin’ as I start burning through the diagrams.


Days 3 and 4 (a short first week) involved a continuation of the drafting diagrams as well as our first Thursday Lance Lecture where Lance describes a project and its interesting details. This week’s topic was a folding leg portable table: the wooden precursor to the metal card table we all got to sit at as kids for Thanksgiving dinner!




































We also got to see another portable table built by a second year student. This was a table he built using plans from a book entitled “Campaign Furniture” by Christopher Schwarz.


At the end of the first week I’ve completed 13 of the 20 woodworking joint drawings.

Next week… more drafting, sharpening a chisel, the student alumni portal, and a visit to the Nashua collectors’ tool auction!

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