NBSS Week 5 – More drafting & turning, wood preparation for a mallet, and I install a vice (oh and a quick visit by Tommy Mac!)

I started off this week with more drafting! I spent a solid three days between last week and the first half of this week completing the Queen Ann slant top desk and then moved on to drafting our first Chair, a Chippendale Ladder back. I’m happy to say I finished it Friday morning and so I have now completed the 5 full-size drafting exercises, yeehaw!





















Up next, designing and drafting a project we will actually build: our North Bennet St. Toolbox.

On Wednesday we also began wood preparation for another turning exercise, a wooden mallet. This is a unique process where we are creating a mallet that has all quartersawn sides for durability. This involves gluing up 4 different laminations, which we then flatten by hand and glue around a handle in the center.






















Stay tuned next week for more details when we actually turn the mallet on the lathe.

The Lance lecture for this week was all about pediments and how we use them in furniture and the challenges of creating them. It was an interesting lecture where an off-topic moment led to a history of the Spanish Armada, not bad for a furniture making program.

My local Friday lunch this week took me to the New York Deli in Quincy Market, where I had a delicious Pastrami sandwich. However, the fries were not quite up to the $4.50 price tag and it would seem that the market itself is geared more toward out-of-town tourists and the prices seem to reflect that, better luck next Friday. I also continued to hone my skills this week in the card game 45. Our after-hours games this week involved a great discussion with some fourth semester students about goals and how to get the most out of the NBSS program. I’m finding the more I talk with the other students, the more I change my plans for what I’m aiming to accomplish with my time here at NBSS. I also got to install a new vice on my workbench this week. A fellow classmate had a vice fail on her workbench and the replacement she received from the school was too big for her workbench, so we took the vice off my bench installed it on hers and then we installed the new vice on my bench! What luck for me!

To end the week, Tommy Mac stopped by for an impromptu visit as he was giving Edward Davis (the former Police Commissioner of Boston) a tour of the school and our program. Nothing like a celebrity alumni visit! Next Tuesday is our “in-house open house” where we get to host the other students from the other programs at NBSS and show them what our program is all about, should be fun…

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