NBSS Week 36: Key Cabinet, oh Key Cabinet… and the end of this semester (plus a move)

This week marks the end of year one for me here at NBSS. The short week started with a day off from school to move my new Boston digs. My wife and I loaded up a U-Haul with all of our belongs and made a short drive (2.2 miles) from Back Bay to Jamaica Plain to start a new page in our Boston experience. The new apartment is a bit bigger, a bit nicer, and we now have a parking spot so maybe, just maybe, we’ll bring our car up and get to experience a little more of the northeast.

When I returned to school on Wednesday, a little worse for the wear from the day-long movathon, I jumped right back in to some more key cabinet details. With the case glued up and the door fitted to the case it was time to add the purfling to the case and the door.















This involved making some custom router fences to cut a rabbit in the concave and convex edges of both. With the rabbits cut, it was time to glue on the holly purfling to the case. This was a laborious process of individually fitting each side and hand cutting a lot of super small little miters to match up at the corners. The pieces are glued in one by one and “clamped” with tape. After all of the holly edges were glued on here’s the case.

I then glued on the purfling on the back side of the door. This edging here is not holly but Morado instead, that way when the door is closed you won’t see a double thickness of white holly edges.

Once these were fitted it was time to layout and cut the diamond pattern design on the front of the door. This process involved cutting all of the diagonals one way, then inlaying the holly stringing. Once flushed and dried, I then cut all of the diagonals the other direction to form the diamonds.

Then it was on to the holly purfling on the edges of the front door too. Here’s the result:

We had one last Lance photo shoot on Thursday and then on Friday the school shut down early and the student body headed over to the Old North Church for graduation ceremonies. It was sad to see some of my newly developed friends moving on, but I know we’ll keep in touch. As for me, I still have a bit more work left to do… specifically finishing up the key cabinet. I got close to completing it this last month but it looks like I’ll have to finish it up over the next 2 weeks before I start my summer apprenticeship in Brooklyn on June 20th. Lucky for me, I can rent bench space at NBSS so I’ll come in and put the hinges on, fit the light, and sand and prep for a little spray booth time. I’ll be sure to post some pictures of the finished cabinet before I leave. Until then…

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