NBSS Week 34 – Continuing the key cabinet, the Annual Celebration of Craft show begins, a clam and lobster boil, some golf, and a few surprises!

This week began with a little key cabinet work. Now that the door is veneered it was time to miter the 4 sides of the cabinet itself. This involved first applying some 45 degree MDF pieces to the outside corners of each of the 4 sides

(to help with clamping later) and then cutting the 2 sides and top and bottom to final length. I then made a few test cuts at the table saw to ensure that the cut was truly 45 degrees. After a few minor adjustments I set up an auxiliary fence and cut miters on all 8 corners. I then set up to cut the reverse 45 degree angle needed to cut the groove for the splines. The spline is a small piece of face grain wood that not only helps to align the miters during glue-up but also provides a better glue surface than the end grain miters would otherwise have. I then cut the spline material to fit and took everything back to the bench for a test fit. It all looked pretty good.

Up next it was off to the router table to cut the dado for the interior pierced key hook panel. These were stopped cuts on the side panels so I did a little setup work and then cut away. While in the machine room I hopped on over to the table saw and cut the rabbets on the 2 sides and the top and bottom that will house the rear panel as well as the rear cleat for wall hanging later on.

Back at the bench I assembled the case and took some inside measurements and returned to the table saw where I cut the pierced interior key hook panel to fit as well as the rear panel. I then test fit these pieces… looking good!

















Next up was to cut the curved profile on the top and bottom of the case. This involved using the template for my sanding cauls to pattern rout the curved shape. Here’s the result after some quality time at the router table.

Monday marked the opening day of the “Annual Celebration of Craft” student and alumni show. We spent Monday and Tuesday helping set up the displays of all the work throughout the school in preparation for the opening night gala and catered dinner on Thursday the 19th. NBSS was transformed with lights, dinner tables, music, and great displays from all the NBSS programs.


The scales table was set up on the third floor and received many compliments, and of course a few people poked a bit of fun at me and began to hum the “Game of Thrones” theme the next day. The show runs from May 16th through June 2nd with a “meet the maker” night on Thursday May 26th. Stop on by and check it out if you’re in town!

Speaking of shows, I found out this week that my submission into “Radius,” the Society of Arts and Crafts first exhibit in their new seaport location was accepted. To be in the show, makers within a 1 mile radius of the new location submitted their work and I’m very proud to be selected for this event. The exhibit will run this October and November so make some time this fall to go and check it out.

Instead of a Thursday lecture this week we all took a day off (and boy what a great day it was) to head up to Steve’s house on the North Shore for a clam and lobster boil. A few of us even played a round of golf at the Cape Anne golf course before the festivities began. The boil itself was delicious and marked for me my first time eating clams and only my second time eating a whole lobster. We also got to sit on some of the nicest lawn furniture ever (some of Steve’s Chippendale chairs) and play a few rounds of corn hole. It was a great event and I look forward to attending again next spring!

And one last surprise this week. My efforts last week to find a summer apprenticeship were successful and I was able to secure a summer position with Brooklyn furniture maker John Fischer. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. My wife and I spent the week looking for a summer apartment for me to rent and I found one just a few minutes away from work. I can’t wait for the opportunity to see what it’s like to work daily making furniture, and see how well the past two semesters have prepared me for the job!

Up next week, more detailed construction on the key cabinet, a social media lecture, and a field trip to some local woodworking shops, until then…

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