NBSS Week 31 – Finishing the basket weave and scales tables, plus starting the candle box and key cabinet

This week began with some more veneer work on the scales table. I finished the pattern over the weekend and on Monday I brought in the assembled sheet taped and ready for gluing to the tabletop.

After a little prep work it went into the vacuum veneer bag and I crossed my fingers. On Tuesday morning I took it out and everything looked pretty good. I had a little glue squeeze out between some of the individual scale seams so I worked a bit to scrape those areas and then sanded and scraped the surface flat. I took the top to the router table, where I cut the rabbet for the perfling (a small applied edge detail made from thin strips of Morado wood). Back at the bench I spent the rest of Tuesday applying the Morado edges.

With this done I spent the later part of the week finishing the sanding of both the scales table and the basket weave table in preparation for spray finishing them this weekend.

This week I also started a quick NBSS school proficiency test project called the candle box. This is a small box that Lance designed with the intended purpose of challenging our learned concepts up to this point. We have to machine the lumber, hand cut the dovetails and fit a fixed bottom panel and a sliding top lid. It is intended to be a timed “test” where each student individually keeps track of the time spent working on his or her box. I began this on Wednesday with the primary and secondary milling of the rough lumber. On Friday I cut the pieces to their final dimensions and cut the grooves for the top and bottom lids. The grooves are located in slightly different places so it’s important to pay attention to the layout and cutting of the top and bottom. Unfortunately I was not paying enough attention, so I got to cut a new side panel!

It was also time to move to the next stage on the key cabinet. I had completed the full scale drafting last week, so this week I got Lance to officially check it out and sign me off. After that I wrote up the build procedure and met with both Lance and Dan to discuss the process for about 30 minutes. They had some fantastic ideas and a few changes that will help the build go a little faster and smoother. I then looked through the NBSS veneer stash in the basement and selected the veneers I’m going to use for both the inside and outside of the cabinet. I also did the first and second lumber milling on the case pieces as well as the material for the staves that will be coopered together to form the curved front door.

Our group lecture this week was all about table saw safety. Steve put together a great slide show of all the “do’s and dont’s”. We also had a group discussion with all the instructors, who passed along helpful hints and tricks.

Up next week: spray finishing my two tables, finishing the candle box, and construction begins on the key cabinet, until then…

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