NBSS Week 22 ¬– Chair project week 2 and some basket weave table redesigns

This week began with a delivery from Irion lumber with wood for our chair classes. We unloaded the lumber and had a lecture on the best way to lay out the chair parts for grain and color match as well as for yield on each of our boards. We then cut out the individual parts and rough milled the rear leg posts.

After a day’s rest we re-milled the rear leg posts to their final dimensions. Back at the workbench we clamped the 2 rear posts together and faired them together with our handplanes, spokeshaves, and scrapers so that each leg would have exactly the same shape.

With the rear legs faired we then talked about joinery and laid out and cut the mortises for the back seat rail.

I also received some feedback on my basket weave table design and some improvements were suggested that would make the design easier to construct. With these suggestions in mind, I re-drafted the table and came up with a build procedure summery.

I discussed this with each instructor and received some valuable feedback on how to best proceed. I then began the process of rough milling the lumber in anticipation of actually starting the build next week.

On Thursday we had a bagel and coffee meet and greet where we got to introduce ourselves to the incoming spring class as well as find out a bit of info on each of the new students. It’s an exciting time and it’s really cool to see a group of individuals start the same process of events that you just got done completing four months ago. So far the new class looks to be moving along at quite a brisk pace indeed!

Our Lance lecture for the week was all about bracket feet.






















He detailed the process of design and construction, the many ways to ensure their success over time, and the many ways they can fail if constructed incorrectly. It was very interesting to see all the historical examples he presented and to see how different makers attempted to solve the same problems in different ways.

Last week my lovely wife got me a Bowl Turning gouge from Thompson Turning Tools for my birthday,

so I took some time this week to try it out and turn a few bowls. I love the fact that you can go into the lathe room with a square blank and design, turn, and finish a unique masterpiece in a few hours. I turned two this week, one out of cherry that I completely sanded and finished:


and one out of Mahogany:


Up next week, we continue with the chair and I finally start the build on my basket weave table….


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