NBSS Week 21 – The start of semester 2, completing the toolbox, the start of the NBSS chair project, and first table project submission

This week started with a snow day! The Boston winter so far has been pretty tame but classes were canceled this Monday as a big storm front moved through.

When we resumed classes on Tuesday we met for our first chair class. We talked about the design, the drafting requirements, and the wood choices available. We then returned to our benches where we began to draft the chair full size.




















On Wednesday we met and finalized our wood choices and Steve called an order into Irion Lumber in Pennsylvania for the class. We also had our full size drawings checked and began the process of making cutting templates for the rear posts, crest rail, backsplat, front legs, and the front, back, and side seat rails.

With the rest of my time this week I put the final touches on my toolbox. I turned 12 of the knobs I designed last week and chose the best 7 matching ones to use for the toolbox. I then painted them black,

and installed them in the finished drawers.




















With all the parts finished and dried with multiple coats of wipe-on polyurethane, I waxed all of the pieces and began the process of final installation. Everything went together very well and a surprise awaited me when I closed the front lid for the first time. With everything installed, my case has positive air pressure on the inside so that when you push the lid closed it actually slowly closes itself on a cushion of air, much like a soft close drawer slide. Here it is in action:

pretty cool eh?

I then spent a little extra time and made a fitted drawer insert to house all of my handplanes in the bottom drawer. I cut out the shapes using the scrollsaw and then upholstered the whole piece with velveteen fabric.

With that completed, the toolbox is done! I’m pretty happy with the end results, check it out:






















Our Lance lecture for the week was all about knuckle and rule joints. The knuckle joint is the type of joint used to create the swing out leg platform that supports the top in gate leg tables. The rule joint is the joint that is cut into the top that allows it to pivot up and down for use or storage.

Late in the week I also submitted my first project proposal for my required NBSS table project. I plan to build a small splay leg table with basket weave carvings on each apron and a hidden drawer. Next week I’ll get input on my design and receive some ideas from the instructors on the best way to proceed in building the project. We’ll also continue with the chair project, until then….

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