An Interlude… a Quick Project in Charlotte

After my two weeks with Jon I returned to Charlotte, NC for a week and thanks to one of my close North Carolina friends, Greg Smith, I had access to a full woodworking shop for a quick project. We needed a stepstool for our new apartment in Boston so I set out to build a version of this stool by Tommy Mac. Inspired by Jon’s use of color and Greg’s willingness to let me experiment with his finishing equipment I decided to spray the completed stool red. Using Greg’s ingenious 2 Fridge box portable spray booth I sprayed two coats of red Transtint dissolved in alcohol and 2 coats of Target water based lacquer also tinted with red. The result was a really pleasing and eye catching bright red:




















Thanks Greg for your hospitality, and thanks again to all my fellow woodworkers from North Carolina (Jeremy, Rick, Matt, Bill, Jeff, and many others), who encouraged me to take this leap and try for North Bennet Street.

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