My name is Michael McKee, and at  Shamrock Wood Studio I build furniture in the transitional and modern styles. My designs are heavily influenced by Norwegian, Asian, and Federal pieces. I strive to design and build furniture that becomes a part of my clients daily routine.  Whether relaxing in a custom rocker, storing items in a special cabinet, or even feeding your pets, my pieces will invite you to use them.  Many of my pieces are signed,  branded, and numbered to reflect the limited-edition nature of the pieces I build.

My fascination with wood has always been about the appreciation of grain, texture , and symmetry. One of my favorite parts of any project is the initial purchasing and preparation of the rough lumber. The discovery of what patterns and colors are available and how to incorporate them into the final product is, for me, just as exciting and important as the actual construction of a piece. In short, I love wood.

Currently, I am enrolled in the Cabinet and Furniture Making program at North Bennet Street school in Boston . My pieces have been chosen for the yearly ncwoodworker.net calendar, featured in the Nov 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and I have received awards from the Charlotte, NC Area ASC Council.  I’ve also been instructed by John Richards at JSR Woodworking,  as well as Brian Boggs and Garrett Hack at Kelly Mehler’s School of Woodworking.  I continue to develop and refine both my style and my methods and hope you will enjoy the functional art that I build.

If you are interested in a custom piece or would like to experience some of my inventory furniture, I’d be happy to set up an appointment to meet with you. I strongly believe that furniture’s main purpose is its use, so I design and build my furniture to be both functional as well as beautiful.

Thanks for visiting Shamrock Wood Studio.