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NBSS Week 20 – Toolbox details and the end of Semester 1

This week was all about finishing up the toolbox. I started the week by gluing up the front panel lid.  

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NBSS Week 19 – Completing the “Rasta” Windsor chair and more toolbox details

With the undercarriage of our chair glued up last week, we moved on to completing the top half this week. We started off by finishing the shaping of the seatback hoop with the spokeshave and then test fitting it into our seats. Once the hoop was fitted we grabbed our spindles out of the kiln, […]

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NBSS Week 18 – Windsor chair class Part 3, and more toolbox details

Peter Galbert worked us hard this week in our chair class. We started the week by shaping the legs to their final profiles using the spokeshave. We then inserted the legs into our seat blank in their proper orientation and marked the areas that needed to be drilled for both the top and bottom stretchers. […]

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