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NBSS Week 17 – Windsor chair class Part 2, some more toolbox work, and a lecture on tambours

I began this week by fitting the drawer bottoms to my toolbox drawers. This involved first cutting them square then fitting them for the width of drawer grooves in the bottom of the drawer. The next step was to cut the bevels on the underside of the four 3/8” drawer bottoms so that they fit […]

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NBSS Week 16 – Completing the Shaker night stand, Windsor chair class part 1, and more toolbox progress

We returned on Monday after our holiday break and jumped right back into things, for me that meant putting the final touches on my shaker night stand. Over the holiday break I managed to put 3 coats of water based polyurethane on the base over the milk paint, and I also completed French polishing the […]

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NBSS Week 15 – Applying finish to the shaker nightstand, turning a drawer pull on the lathe, and preparing the drawer stock for the toolbox… and a Christmas party!

This week began with finishing. After sanding all of the shaker nightstand components through sandpaper grits up to 180, we applied our first coat of milk paint to the base of the table.

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