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NBSS Week 6 – Drafting a tool box, making a marking gauge, an intro to chair design and cutting our first woodworking joint by hand

This week began with a new drafting assignment. Our first two projects in the NBSS curriculum are building a shaker side table and then designing and building our own tool box. After having completed all of the other drafting assignments but not yet to the point where the class is ready to start with the […]

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NBSS Week 5 – More drafting & turning, wood preparation for a mallet, and I install a vice (oh and a quick visit by Tommy Mac!)

I started off this week with more drafting! I spent a solid three days between last week and the first half of this week completing the Queen Ann slant top desk and then moved on to drafting our first Chair, a Chippendale Ladder back. I’m happy to say I finished it Friday morning and so […]

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NBSS Week 4 – Hand plane and chisel exercises + an intro to the lathe, new restaurants, and a card game called 45

This week began with our first hand plane exercises. Everyone received a 12” long piece of 4/4 poplar in the rough and we were tasked with flattening and taking the board to final thickness with our newly tuned hand planes.

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